About Shalom
We built the family cabin, Shalom, in 1980-81 after many years of camping in Taylor Park, deep in the wondrous Gunnison Country. It sits on a small development of mostly rustic cabins near the almost ghost town of Tincup. As my parents, Jean and Lamar, aged and retired, they thought it would be a good idea to build a summer cabin for their golden years. It has become the vessel that holds the family heritage. Jean passed away in 2004 and Lamar in 2005.
Shalom's unique hexagon shape reflects the inclusive "gathered" theme of the family. The main living space centers around a stone-backed wood-burning stove and was built to accommodate the spectacular view of the Sawatch Mountains, and Ice Mountain in particular, along with Willow Creek. "Shalom" is a salutation used at meeting and parting, meaning Peace, and is deeply symbolic to those who think of this place as home.
About the Author
I recently determined to fulfill one of my dreams by spending all four seasons (at least) at our family cabin Shalom. I hope you will visit other pages on this site to see why I find this place so enchanting. Please feel free to contact the author:  Ed Hocker

Lamar and Jean at Shalom

Ed Near Tincup Pass