Alone again. I see the silence still has a place for me. - Robert Sund

the seasons change and so do I

ShalomSeasons describes my all-season sojourn in the Colorado high country at our family cabin named Shalom. I continue to add insights about living alone in an isolated, snowbound cabin as well as weather updates, photos of scenic Taylor Park, and more. Scroll down this page to see my occasional blog posts in which I am experimenting with writing down some of my thoughts; the Day to Day page documents general happenings at the cabin.

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January 14, 2017

I am enchanted by snow. Fallen snow is sinuous and soundless. Falling snow is hypnotic, whether viewed on my 80” flat screen world wide window or from skis in the woods; it swirls in clouds, then cascades from spruce boughs.

On this tenth night of soundless and hypnotic snow Willow Creek has disappea...

January 6, 2017

I once went on a journey, not knowing exactly why,

but I have tried to find out.

We wound our way along the game trail near the creek and just inside the treeline, made ever so slightly more visible by our steps, and over a small rise. Suddenly, and not visible through the trees until we were upon it,...

December 24, 2016

Christmas! What other celebration expands to include an entire season? We have family traditions, either decades old or new in the making; we have childhood memories and help our children build them; we have beauty to appreciate and meaning to seek; we make gifts; we have bountiful food; we have joy...

December 21, 2016

One of the more memorable visions of my life came on a cold night on the shore of a mountain lake somewhere in Colorado. The temperature is -15°; snow squeaks loudly under boots. I watch the constellation Orion, near dawn, in crystalline air. Diamond dust falls sparkling in starlight. The land is fr...

December 15, 2016

I am so busy, I don’t know how I had time to work. Such a well-worn phrase, but I am wearing it well, I think.

Days are filled with watching the world turn from monochrome to technicolor on a big screen, simple tasks, problem solving, checking the weather, staring out the window, listening to music,...

December 10, 2016

Gray Jays are great companions. They mostly just want to be fed twice a day, especially when the unruly gang of ten blue Steller's Jays aren't hogging the handouts. One of the many highlights of my day is to put out feed at dawn for the birds where it disappears in a squabbling frenzy. The birds, ev...

November 28, 2016

We have been receiving a fair amount of snow the last few days with more expected. The transition from Fall to full on Winter comes with some challenges, not the least of which is guessing when to make the transition from my four-wheel drive vehicle to snowmobile. The need to make the transition is...

November 24, 2016

I arrived at Shalom May 26, after having retired from my full time job. Since I had been working since 1969, this adventure is a long anticipated - perhaps overdue - transition to what I hope will be a lifelong period of calm reflection in a beautiful and beloved place. I always intended to create t...

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