Waiting for the Storm

We have been receiving a fair amount of snow the last few days with more expected. The transition from Fall to full on Winter comes with some challenges, not the least of which is guessing when to make the transition from my four-wheel drive vehicle to snowmobile. The need to make the transition is an absolute, no questions asked demand that will have to be addressed sooner or later. You see, the snowmobile is ready and waiting at the Trading Post, while I have been driving back and forth the six miles to pick up mail and so on. The truck can navigate the current 8" or so of snow just fine, but not the additional 16" that could be on the way. I don't want the truck stranded here at Shalom all winter since I will need it for occasional grocery runs to Gunnison. But, what if I transition to the snowmobile then the weather and road clears and all I have is a motorized ski with a rubber track? This is known as a "1st World Dilemma."

So, here's my solution. Given the Winter Storm Warning currently in effect listing Taylor Park and Crested Butte at the top of the target zone, I'm going to bail out today and head to Colorado Springs (my secondary home) for a few days to take care of necessary business. This, you understand, is not my preferred course of action because I relish the prospect of watching the seasons change. Dang it! I'll be back soon as possible.

Recent wildlife sightings: Bald Eagle over Willow Creek, Pine Marten on the deck, and my favorite, an Ermine dressed for winter along the creek. I'll miss these guys while I am absent.