Treasure on Italian Creek

Four friends found a great fortune today.

Stephen, Art, Rod, and myself made the sixty mile round trip via snowmobile from the south end of Taylor Park to Italian Creek and beyond. What we found is beyond description. All in our sixties, there cannot be enough days like this in our future, so we decided to take full measure of the day. Down Willow Creek and up Taylor River in dense and icy morning fog, rising to the sun, then up Italian Creek, over the meadows and through the woods to the still active Star Mine, and on to the endless series of deep, trackless bowls above timberline and below Italian Peak and American Flag Mountain. Thence, on to the Gap and out on the ridge to Flag. After much discussion and some coaxing by my more experienced friends, we went for the top and were glad of it. We found more value than all the silver taken out of the Star in the last 120 years.

Our talk went like this: Amazing! Beautiful! We are so lucky! Not many people get to see something like this. Why not? Can you believe where we are? Why don't more people do this? I'm glad they don't. I may not get to be here again. Priceless! I don't recall anyone actually saying "awesome," but it would have been appropriate.

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