Groundhog Day '18

Well. It’s a good thing Phil saw his shadow today, because if there is anything at all we need, it’s a good bit more winter. Last year on this day we had 37” snow on the ground with 140” snowfall so far and on our way to 202” for the banner season. Today, we have 14” remaining on the ground (on the north side, out of the sun) after 59”total snowfall. Being 40° for the 5th day running isn’t helping the snowpack either. Or the snowmobiling. Or the thinning layer on the road to the Trading Post.

Given the dearthy forecast I figured I am about to lose the ability to ride down the road for mail, fuel, and the occasional necessity. That could run the gamut from toilet paper to Jack Daniels. Snowmobiles don’t like thin snow. They overheat and die. Wishing to avoid calamity, I traded Polaris for Nissan which got parked at the mailboxes. It was only a mile on foot back to the cabin. Someone warned me that if I look out the window and it has snowed a foot and it is still snowing that I had better get the heck outa Dodge. He’s probably right.

I hope Phil was right, too.

PS - I might suggest a Snow Dance, which I actually saw work back in '81 in Crested Butte when a team of invited Navajo dancers, accompanied by Texas Jane in white leather mini-skirt and matching boots, made it snow 6" out of a clear sky one January night. But that's another story. Magic happens!