Bears Prowling Unseen

Bears prowl once again, leaving vanishing images. The season moves on once again.

The Ute Indian peoples, on whose land I now live, and to whom I owe a great debt, celebrate the Bear Dance about now. Now is the New Year when Bear emerges from his den and the people celebrate the Bear Dance with a sweat lodge. Emergence from the lodge represents rebirth from the warm womb of unconscious into the world of being. I have experienced the sweat lodge once in my life with Indian friends and remember now the shaky waking sensation of emerging from the dark into the light. Glowing.

Bear looks for food to sustain him through the warm months, and eventually, through the cold times when he returns to the source. I search for firewood and restock the freezer. Prowling the meadows, mountains, and stream banks, I am grateful for the fleeting sun.