Meet Cinco!

We have a new resident here at Shalom. Cinco and I were both born on Cinco de Mayo, albeit a few years apart, hence the name. He's a Border Collie and in training to be a Frisbee dog extraordinaire. Our pact is to give each other the happiest and longest life possible while enjoying the best of the outdoors. He likes long walks in the woods, brief outings at 2:00 a.m. in the moonlight, eating, dragging in elk bones, and chasing stuff. Me too! Its a match. Oh, except for the chasing stuff. I throw; he chases.

At this moment he is practicing simultaneously rolling three tennis balls around the living room and trying to keep them corralled. He already knows sit, stay, walk, potty, and fetch. He might be able to count to three pretty soon. He is learning to wave instead of shake. At now 12 weeks old, the "dammit be careful with those sharp little teeth thing" is a work in progress. I'll introduce the snowmobile next week!

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