This must be January

January is turning out pretty well. More snow. More sun. More good times. Oh, except for the water nearly freezing up a couple of weeks back during a string of -30° nights. I had to run a garden hose in through the basement window and connect to the pipes inside, bypassing the underground frozen section. It was looking like a LOOONG time til spring thaw when I could have hot bathwater again! Anyway, got through that for now and have time for more fun. Skiing with Cinco, snowmobiles to high places, reading, and keeping the wood stove happy.

Cinco has been a real (read sometimes trying) companion. Eight months old, playful and expressive. And not bashful about badgering me into getting outside. With all that fur he seems comfortable for an hour at even minus 10°. Curious Dog. Can I PLEASE go outside now? Or else I will eat something you seem to like. Got any new socks?

Sunrise. Must be time to go outside

Yep! The snow is sure enough piling up.

Snowplow dog

Smallish avalanches near Tincup Pass

More avalanches off rock bands near Mirror Lake. The whole mountainside basically ran to the ground. The snow wasn't too deep at this location at this time. Notice moose tracks into the trees lower center.

Tincup Pass looking north elevation 12,156'.

Tincup Pass looking southeast toward St. Elmo, Alpine Tunnel, and Hancock Pass.

Dog tired.