Why Am I Here?

It's days like this that make it all worthwhile. And they only come around once or twice in a season. Italian Basin is way out there, about a 40 mile round trip, and it requires good snow, good weather, and good friends to get there. That all came together yesterday. I've posted similar pics of the area from previous winters, but this was now. The high altitude, extreme light, and hard work made for a rewarding day. Every time this happens I am humbled by my opportunity to be here for a time and witness such mountain top experiences. I hope you can sense and share some of my joy and awe of the place.

A storm approached from the northwest as the light faded from full blue to more stark tones. We hurried down.

Oh ... and Cinco plays "tug" with his outdoor toy which provides hours of fun. Great companion. If he could only ride on the back of the snowmobile!

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