Chop Wood, Carry Water, Still

The novice says to the master, ‘What does one do before enlightenment?’ ‘Chop wood. Carry water,’ replies the master. The novice asks, ‘What, then, does one do after enlightenment?’ ‘Chop wood. Carry water.’

The world has changed … or, has it?

My life is a continuum of surprises. I have memories of being a newborn and the wonder, amazement, confusion that came as I watched my family watch me in the crib with the bare pale green walls behind and the bare wood floor beneath, wondering who are these people and how did I get here? Those same wonderments continue pretty much uninterrupted to this day. That may be your experience, too. Sometimes we may think we have things figured out and then to our consternation arrives the unexpected. But the unexpected is, or has been, a constant and I have decided to expect it.

For now, I continue to do the things that sustain my spirit and life. Life here at Shalom is a slow, slow roll of seasons, and now expectedly arrives a new one. I am understanding that I will be here a bit longer, even though my original plan was to see through four successive seasons. Those four seasons have come and gone – four times over already!

May your life be blessed as you find ways to keep on keeping on in the change of seasons.