50-Year Anniversary Trek

As you may know, my best friend, Clyde, and I absconded from college in 1972, ostensibly for Alaska. We soon discovered that our meager funds weren’t going to see our homesteading dream come true and opted for Tellurium Creek in western Colorado instead. Here’s a link to a previous post telling a little bit about that experience at the Wooden Ship. The Wooden Ship (shalomseasons.com)

Anyway, fifty years on, the old cabin is in disrepair just like we tried to imagine but the place still rings magic. A group of friends went with me to retrieve the door of the cabin we built when we became concerned about bear raids. I’m pretty sure the door, hanging on old leather boot soles, would not have been much of a deterrent!

The theme “Wooden Ships” became our name for the cabin, representative of our escape from what we saw then as a dysfunctional society, just like the people on the boats escaping an unnamed holocaust. The song was cowritten by Stephen Stills, no introduction needed, and Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane. Both groups released versions of the song in I think in 1969.

Here’s a video created by my friend Steve of the day. It’s complete with a brief story of my well-spent youth when we temporarily stole a door from the Teller House in Central City. Doors are doors, they allow passages. Cabins aren’t just cabins. The old door now resides in its place of honor in the new garage. It’s an opening both to the past and a desired future. I hope you enjoy the story.

and a few photos