Fall Ketchup from Shalom

Yes, I know. It’s been forever. But I wanted you to know that I am still here, and I hope you are where you belong. I have been busy, however. There is the never-ending firewood task (more on that later), my sister Joyce and her husband Gary visited in July, my daughter Katie and her three kids visited in July, then Joyce returned in September for the annual cook fest, a resounding success resulting in 1.8 freezers full of gourmet food for the winter. I am eternally grateful, or at least for one more winter of fine dining in a log cabin.

Trying to keep the dog and myself safe from the abundant moose and bear…

It's been alternately dry and wet and smoky like most. Now thrice vaccinated and feeling safer. But the work … Two water valves had to be dug up outside and replaced. One by hand and one by machine, but at 5 feet deep in this rocky soil, quite tasky. Fence building, too, to keep the cows out.

The big news is the new garage giving me lots of storage and workspace. It includes indoor parking for a snowmobile over a steel grate/pit and a wood stove to be installed next week (thankyou Clyde). I’ve worked my butt off for three months and am missing three notches on my belt to prove it. Can’t wait to build the workbenches and shelves. Thankyou Joyce, Gary and Tom for helping finance this not inexpensive proposition. Have you priced lumber or concrete lately?

The extra stove caused a panic attack and I now have 10 cords of wood split, stacked and ready for the second warming (regards to Thoreau). I hope this will suffice. The new garage sports the original sign from the original Wooden Ship which gives me the opportunity to relate old stories about me and Clyde to passersby. (Regards to Paul Kantner and Stephen Stills).

I failed to draw a suitable elk or deer tag this year so will content myself with hanging out in the new shop this fall. There’s no freezer space anyhow. Pictures perhaps later when the inside is complete. But there will be some carpet, tools, a chair or two, and a bed for Cinco beside the fire.

We have a ginormous neighborhood slash pile to burn – actually two. I’ll try to light the first one off as soon as there is enough snow on the ground, with the big one to follow on New Years Eve. Documentation later. Long term forecasts from NOAA include a high probability of a second La Nina year which is bad news for snow depths in this region. We shall see.

The aspen pics are a bonus for friends only.

The propane fittingly ran out tonight on the grilled chicken since there is a dusting of snow on Ice Mountain, so that is all for now.