On Mid-Winter's Fires and Dreams

It’s been a while, but I am still here at Shalom enjoying a sixth consecutive Winter, after my failed original plan to stay for one cycle of seasons. So, Hello! I’m still having fun! Every winter seems to have its own distinct character. This year we had prodigious snow just before Christmas and through New Year’s, but very little since. Hopes were high and we are still dreaming. La Nina is not good to Taylor Park, but there are encouraging indications that we may switch over to the boy child by next year. Dreams.

The Annual New Year’s Eve Bonfire came off with a bit of work. We had a huge pile (actually, a couple) to deal with. Lots of folks in attendance. We got in a few snowmobile rides, some camaraderie, then everyone went home: been dry since. And cold – like minus 20° cold on these cloudless nights. This encourages me to carry up an extra armload or two of firewood every day. I think there is enough. So, there is fire.

Cinco and I hang pretty close when it is this cold, although there is the occasional short ski outing in the middle of the day to investigate tracks together. We may not warm up to zero until 11 o’clock, maybe hit 20° or 24°, then it starts back down again by 3, so the days are short. Cinco has a little more tolerance than me (furry feet) and will stay out to guard against errant moose or the always-inquisitive fox. He longs for visitors and barks at them. I try to lure him in early evenings, so I don’t need to go chase his fox dreams.